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Pahivouni Studios & Suites Presentation

Pahivouni Studios & Suites, the port and Stavors village

You only need 3 minutes from “Stavros” village to find total serenity, calmness and tranquility combined with luxury and comfort at Pahivouni Studios & Suites of Donoussa. Just a few meters above the sea and just 5 minutes from the most beautiful beach of the island, you will find the complex of 11 rooms in total, where you will discover the ideal refuge of your vacation in a place where vineyards and palm trees thrive. The rooms are built from the bottom to the top of the “Pahvouni” hill of Donoussa and hence they all have a view to the “Deep Blue” and the islands of small Cyclades while the complex’s stone steps take you to every corner of the hill giving you access to the breathtaking view. Your relaxation and pleasure are guaranteed and at the same time the greatest satisfaction for us.

Our compound consists of 8 luxurious suites (double bedroom and a single wall built bed), 2 studios (two single beds) and 1 studio with 3 single beds. The suites consist of 2 spaces, the living room which can also accommodate the sleep of a single person and the master bedroom, consisting of a double bed with a view to the sea, a wall-built wardrobe and a kitchen. In the outside, you will find 2 verandas, one with a view to the main village of Donoussa and the second with a view to the islands of small Cyclades and Naxos.


About us

Overview of Donoussa

Pahivouni Studios & Suites is a family business operating for approximately 20 years now. We were the first that made residences available for booking on the island and we have learned a lot since then. At that time there was neither electricity nor water on the island and yet we managed to operate our rooms at an excellent level. The service and comfort to our customers is our primary objective and we have achieved that so far by doing something quite simple. We put ourselves in the customer’s place and we wonder what facilities and services we would like to have. We believe that we have succeeded to a great extent if we take into account your comments. We will continue to provide our best as long as we can because we love what we do and because our greatest satisfaction is the smile of your own satisfaction.



Deluxe Suite

In 2016, a general renovation began which was finished in 2018. Our accommodation complex was essentially rebuilt from the beginning with the latest technology materials, having in mind the green building technology standards. New plumbing, new electrical installations, new design styles, concealed lighting, wall built-in benches and beds, PVC window and door frames…Basically, it was as if we were starting everything from the beginning. The result was more than perfect as you, our customers, confirmed! In particular in our Suites and Deluxe Suites:

All furniture was made of solid pine wood and built with care exclusively for the design style and logic of our complex. The frames use thermal-break technology that keeps constant temperatures inside the room and are made of PVC preventing, thereby, the sea erosion, ensuring the quality and the good operation over time. There are mesh screens in all windows, in all areas so that the visitor can leave the windows open and enjoy the sea breeze without annoyances.
All lighting fixtures are ceramic to prevent oxidization and lamps use led technology, significantly reducing the consumption of electricity. The existence of solar water heaters with a low profile, contributes to further reduction of electrical power while at the same time, they “hide” their volume, leaving the viewer to enjoy the scenery without interference. A lot of work has gone to many other things that you will notice when you visit us.
The renovation continues in our Studios in 2019…


What to do and what to see in Donoussa

Fokospilia diving

We do not want to be one of the many websites that tell you what to do in Donoussa. There is a lot of information already and since you reading this text, you most likely have decided to come to Donoussa already. Much information can be found on the site which is worth visiting because it is done by a local person who has spent his childhood holidays there and hence, the photos you see there are original from the person’s camera who made the site that happens to be a web designer too.


A personal view of the owner for Donoussa

You need to come and stay for at least 5 days in Donoussa. Many guests ask us to come and stay for 1, 2 or 3 days to our accommodation but I really have my doubts if that’s even worth to do so.

Kedros beach

Donoussa is a place of relaxation and return to nature, for many a meditation, for others a place to have a good time in their own way. What I mean: Donoussa’s atmosphere is itself relaxing. As soon as you step your foot on the island your inner-self gets into a mood of calmness because there are no shops or shopping centers, no rental cars or bikes, no crowds – that’s because the island even in August, can not accommodate more than a few hundred people. Υou will deal with nature more than you do in the city, you will go swimming and discover the sea rocks, the sand, the natural bays that the rocks make, follow mysterious trails and then go to lunch with no time pressure. Even at night you will go out for a drink and you will not need to get worried if you drink too much because everything is so close, you will almost never need a car in the night! You will make new friends because it is very likely the same people you see in the morning, you will see in the evening, the atmosphere is perfect to make new friends.

Kalotaritissa beach

Donoussa is so small but has so many places to see and so many experiences to feel. What could you see in two days? Go around the island by boat? See the “Makares”? Dive in “Fokospilia”? Discover the “Tripiti” beach? Eat rooster in wine sauce in “Kalotaritissa”? Have a swim in “Livadi” beach and then follow the path through the mountains to reach “Ji Ji”, meet Litsa and eat awesome home-made food and see the most incredible view that has ever been seen by man? Eat in “Kori tou Kir Mihali” with the incredible greek food cooked in awesome ways? Dive at the wreck of the war boat at “Kedros” beach? Drink water from the “Mersini” source? Follow the paths of Donoussa? I cannot remember them all, I am just mentioning the most important ones!

So why do you get worried that you won’t have time to see everything? Do you think that if you have 10 days for your holidays and have to spare 2-3 days for Donoussa you will manage to see all of the small Cyclades in the rest of your holidays? And when will you get in the mood I describe above? When would you see the things you have to see to understand what it means to be in Donoussa – better phrased – to feel Donoussa?

Sometimes we get obsessed to see as much as we can in as little time as possible. But this is not the essence of holidays.

Your free time is an investment to your well-being. You have to respect that. Donoussa, in its own way, will manage to make you feel this essence, to feel closer to the core values ​​of man, to come in closer contact to his natural environment. This is exactly what we are trying to accomplish, in our own way, by being built closer to nature, being built on the hill above the sea rocks, just a heartbeat’s distance from the sea and the waves, outside of the main village’s voices but at the same time very close to it. When you come to Donoussa you will see how the pace of life in calmness should be and basically the pace of life in general. At the same time it will amaze you in such a special way that it will compel you to return.

So before you decide how your holidays are going to be this year, please consider the above said. This year try to, at least, respect yourself by coming in contact with nature for as long as possible. You are welcome to Donoussa to stay 5 days or more and then you will understand what I mean…

Vassilis Prassinos – Owner

Giagia Vaggelio’s house

Donoussa port

Stavros Church